Gators, Cajun life, Hot sauce and MYSTERY!!!!

So off into bayou cajun southern La. I go. Found a campground that was very nice named Lake Fausse Pointe State park. This place was very clean with bayou canals and lots of wildlife. Saw alligators, nutria, deer, and lots of birds!

2012-06-26 15.56.06

There is a gator in this photo, he is up from the little dock with nothing but his nose sticking up.

Like I said this place has wildlife a plenty.

The reason I am in this part of the state is I read a lot and one of my favorite murder mystery writers is James Burke. He writes a lot of books about Dave Robicheau. Dave lives and works in New Iberia as a policeman. This dude is cool, he owns a fishing boat and tackle rental with a tackle shop. He is also married to a nun, yep she and he fell in love and she quit the nun business. He is also a recovering alcoholic. One book he is in is about the Confederate soldiers hiding out in the swamp and riding out of the electric mist to attack the Yankees. It was made into a movie. Anyway James Burke is a great writer and he was raised in New Iberia by his grandfather.

2012-06-27 13.04.36

Above I am standing in front of a mockup of Daves Bait Shop. I am in a cafe that is Daves favorite place to eat in the books. I got the special to eat. It was pork chops, green bean casserole, fried chicken, mashed potatos, gravy, dressing, some kind of corn pudding and rolls with peach cobbler!!! Good food folks!

Now lets talk heat, hot, scalding weather!!!! It was incredibly hot!!! I wanted to go see the Tabasco factory there in New Iberia and take the tour but it was just too hot so I went back to the campground and used their laundry. Free clothes washing is a nice campground benefit! Ate supper and bugged out the next morning for Houston Texas.

I also wanted a air boat ride but maybe another time… Did not get to see any of the folks from Swamp People either. Always another day somewhere down the line…

Still loading and packing the Mobile bunkhouse and waiting on my cargo carrier. Leaving on time is looking a little iffy at this time but I am trying.