Arizona Gold!!!!! I am WEALTHY!!!!

Yes sir re Bob thars gold in them hills, mountains and deserts of Arizona! I for one have hit the mother load! Greater than the Comstock Lode and or The Lost Dutchman my friends!!!!

You see my friends I am the wealthiest man you know….. My wealth is measured in the depth and breadth of my friends!!!! I am so lucky, one must be extraordinarily lucky and “Good” to find Gold! I find gold everywhere I go. I guess its a gift and I am so glad that the supreme being gave me that gift!

What brought this conversation up you ask???? Well I went to Quinn Pass on Plomosa Rd. to rockhound by myself for green banded ryolite. Found it easy enough because my new friend Alva and his wife Sherry told me to park at the pullover for the historical marker for Quinn Pass and get out and walk over and read the info sign. Then look down at my feet and start picking up the green banded ryolite from the roadside. Hey it was that easy too. I got one bucket full and had started the second bucket when a older Range Rover pulled up and lo and behold they said they were amatuer rockhounds also. A husband wife team of Michael, Jaleen and their tiny Poodle named Pixie. They offered me a ride up the 4×4 trail to the top of the mountain to get bigger pieces of rock. Well I aint born last nite so I asked if they had ax murdered lately because I understood serial killers murdered in cycles??? Hey I watch the FBI on Criminal Minds too you know. They said they were good to go so I jumped in the Range Rover and off we went up the mountain. Sure enough there was great rockhounding up there!!!


This is Quinn Pass.


This is green banded ryolite. Its green but the desert varnish is coating it. Desert varnish is brown/black and desert sunburn is red/orange.


That is the Mobile Bunkhouse way down there and the Workhorse Ford.


This is Michaels pride and joy, The Range Rover!!!! Its awesome and can literally climb anything!!!


This is Jaleens boot after she navigated through a patch of Cholla Cactus. She had to remove them with a pair of pliers!

Now as to the gold thing…. We went on to try to find some bacon agate or bacon jasper or bacon barite on down the highway a couple of miles. It was supposed to be only a half mile or so off the asphalt road in the desert. We didnt find it and we kept going into the desert toward the mountains hoping to stumble on something. Directly Michael pointed the bad to the bone Range Rover up a cliff and we climbed to a small plateau and parked. Guess what made the plateau??? A gold mine!!!!! It was the mine tailings! Yes it was with the shaft and timbers and everything. The rubble from the mine made the flat area. This thing was old!!!! Very old and very deep with about a 6 ft square shaft through solid rock. That anyone could dig that by hand with pick and shovel is mind bending!!!


Yes thats real!!!!

So gotta go but I have more on the adventures of Bill, Michael, Jaleen and a new friend named Diane on the day after this adventure so stay tuned for more rockounding, friendship making and “strange encounters in the Sonaran Desrt!!!

Sadie n Bill