Avalanche!!! Natures Majestic Picture Jasper!!!

I know  that once again I disappeared but hey sometimes there is no Verizon signal because I am boondocking way out in the boondocks. Or in this case the awesome Owhyee Mountains of Oregon and Idaho. I went there to the Succor Creek State Campground to meet up with about 80 other rockhounds in search of the incredible Porcelain Picture Jasper that is scattered throughout some of the most remote and beautiful mountains in the Northeast United States!!!




There it is the final entrance through a narrow canyon to Succor Creek Campground. Those are truely awesome spires of rock!




Here I am with my new Paleo Pick hard rock mining for picture jasper.




These are some small examples of what we were after. As you can see the picture jasper portrays pictures of the high desert landscape of the Owhyee Mountains with desert dunes and or bluffs and mesas and canyons with sometimes blue sky. I did not wet these to show how they make extremely glassy shiney cabochons for jewelry. These are small chips. I have 20-30 pounders also. We went to about 15 different claims of jasper. Each claim has a different style of picture or color combo.




That light grey is actually a beautiful sky blue. You can see the mountain range on the left side or turn it upside down and its a mountain lake with a beach and mountains rising above. You have to saw the photo out as you desire it too look.




Some of my finds. I have others packed away in the camper and truck!!! LOL We hounded hard Thursday through Sunday! We also had a great time sitting around the campfire and sharing stories. It was a trip of a lifetime that almost no rockhound will ever repeat in their life. Thanks to our organizers and guides, Tony, another Tony, and Roy!!!!  There were six clubs repesented from across the nation!




Left the Owhyee Mountains, pronounced Hawaii by the way, on Monday and headed toward the sky resort and snowy mountains of central Idaho. Here is Sadie Mae sitting at the Mountain View Campground not liking the weather, we are just below the snow line and its cold!!! About 30 degrees and got down to 25 that nite!




Yes I know its the end of April and we shouldnt worry about snow much less a avalanche but little do you know…..




Yes sir thats it, a AVALANCHE!!!!!   It happened a couple days earlier and the snow wall is about 25 feet tall and those are big ponderosa pine trees all broken up in the avalanche!!!




This is a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains and best of all Idaho State Highway has rest stops along the way…..    Just one small problem getting to the door and getting the door open!!!!




By the way the Elk migration is in full swing. I didnt nknow there was a big migration either but the Elk move up into the mountains in mass in the spring! Here is one in a farm pasture. They are ravenous after a hard winter and attack the new grass in farm pastures, hayfields and even yards. This picture is in Sun Valley Idaho a sky resort town. They are not stopped by anything that gets in their way. Fences, airports, even towns are passed through on their trek!!!




Finally this is my current location at Craters Of The Moon National Park And Monument. Its a huge volcano and lava field in Idaho. This shot is a magma vent, see the opening in the top?




We end with Sadie Mae walking quite obediantely on the sidewalk. She doesnt like the volcanic cinders that are under foot every where!!! LOL Next stop is unknown. May be Spencer Idaho to look for Opals or Yellowstone Park, undecided right now!


Sadie n Bill