Out of Time, Fast Run For Va. and my Parents!!!



So we left Nebraska and headed into Kansas!   Doesnt the song go ” Kansas wheatfields”????    What I saw was Kansas oil wells pumping and what else but oil derricks drilling…. I really never knew Kansas was a big oil boom state. The wheat fields looked like a drought failure and they were mowing the wheat down and baling it for cow feed.








Next was Oklahoma and a fast stop in Clinton for the Route 66 Museum. Well worth the $5.00 spent for entrance. Oklahoma was WINDY!  Hammer down and turn and burn folks!!!    I and Sadie need to be in Saltville Va. for a family get together with both my sisters and me at my parents under the same roof!!!!




Spent the night in the Arkansaw National Forest of the Ozarks on the Mulberry River. Its one of a very few scenic and wild rivers left in the U.S. The odd green color is caused by iron and manganese deposits. Lots of kayaks and canoers.




Cooked my supper on the campfire. Cowboy food…. beans n wieners!!!




Arkansaw is famous as a mule producing state. There are 20 or so mules in the field but too far away for a good photo.




This is what a EF4 tornado does to a row of houses. Saw this on interstate 40 in Arkansaw right after the campground the next morning. It must have hit fairly recent because there were backhoes and trackhoes scooping the wreckage into huge dumpsters.




This is the St. Judes Childrens Hospital in Memphis. My horse trailriding club along with many others hold fund raising trailrides for St. Judes. I grew my hair out once and donated it. Let me tell you that women with long hair deserve their mens respect for the work and trouble they go through!!!   You cant chew gum without getting hair in it!!! Also if you ride down the road with the window down it tangles!!!  Buy conditioner at Walmart by the gallon so you can get a brush through it! LOL




Ahh home at last in Va. The Appalachian mountains!!!   This is my ancestral family farm and tobacco barn. Its made from chestnut lumber which is rain and rot proof. Its never painted and is about 75 years old. Its huge.




This is the inside of the barn. Its got cracks so the air will move through and dry the tobacco leaves and stalks down. Thats a stick of tobacco hanging up there. You spear 5 or 6 stalks on a stick about 4 feet long and hang it to dry. That must be one that was forgotten, its been about 15 years since tobacco was hung in this barn!




This is Friday Night Music Jam at the Allison Gap Jamboree in Saltville. Any one is welcome to come and watch or play or sing, its free too!!!   They do gospel, bluegrass, country, western old rock  and just everything.




This is Stumbo and his granddaughter. He sings Johhny Cash and some old rock and just everything and is very good! His Granddaughter plays drums and guitar and sings. She is young but she is really hammering out the notes on that bass guitar!!!!  She can handle that old ax….  Young kids in the mountains…. real livin not hiding in the basement on the computer and living off saltine crackers with mayonaise!!!!




This is the chestnut lumber barn that our horses stayed in when we were growing up. My grandfather built it in the Great  Depression. The loft held 500 bales of hay!!!   Thats it for today my friends.


I am enjoying being with my family very much.


Pastor Dan in Aquila Arizona if you read this my Mommy is amazingly improved in health. Thanks for the prayer and prayer listing!!!  Good bye for now my friends…


Sadie and Bill