Pryor Mountain Wild Spanish Mustangs

We are at Barry’s Landing Campground in the Bighorn Mountains and Canyon withe the Pryor Mountain Mustang Refuge. I was here this spring. Saw lots more horses this time!!!


This is Fiero and his mares with a beautiful foal. I took this photo in May. Fiero is a fiery roan grulla stallion that lives about 15 miles up in the refuge.


This photo above is of Fiero and his band last weekend. Look at how much the foal has grown! Can you believe my luck getting to see them again! This horse range is huge. These photos are zoomed in a bunch so sorry if they are somewhat fuzzy.


There are wild horses in there, just look hard!


Once again there are horses in there!


This is a young bachelor black stallion that has not yet acquired a harem. Usually 3 to 4 mares are a band. The stallions fight to retain their harem! Let’s wish him luck.


On this morning Susan said all it would take to make her trip would be a beautiful black stallion on a mountain top rearing up! Well fate got it all correct except the rearing part!!!


This is a young grulla stallion that has won one mare and they walked right past us!!!


It wasn’t all about Mistangs. There are 4 historic ranches preserved on the National Forest and Park. This ranch is the oldest free range ranch and biggest in Wyoming history.


This is some info about it!


It’s a cold freezing sleet but the young stallion and his mare are staying out of the wind. This is in Montana and way up there in elevation. The Refuge straddles both Montana and Wyoming. It’s Sunday and we are pulling out tomorrow morning.




Check out the enginuity of how to hang a gate without using hinges!


That’s it folks…..Three days in the rugged Bighorn Mountains and canyons. Twenty miles from anything and just beautiful!



There is beauty all year and everywhere in these mountains.

Before I sign off I want to thank my friend Michael in Soth Carolina for the facts about Devils Tower being in the Close Encounters movie and not E.T. Plus lots of other great info about areas out here. Thank you Michael and his lady Senorita Sarah for also baby sitting Chum Lee my English Mastiff and Great Dane or maybe Fila Brasilia dog. Chum Lee is a fantastic livestock guardian dog at my home.

Goodnite….. Susan, Sadie Mae n Bill