Snow, Rockhounding, and Cookout at Tonys!

We camped out on the Continental Divide in the SNOW!!!!!   It was 16 degrees and windy!  Susan loved it, she is a snow person for real!


So check out the snow covered mountains in Idaho.


Our next stop was our friend and fellow rockhound Tony. He lives in Gooding Idaho and we arrived on Wed. morning. He immediately took us to his  “rock pile”. There we unhooked from the Caboose and off we went to the Benton Mountains to hunt for agate. We got lots and lots! Tony calls it Idaho Lace. It’s very nice stuff with lace, ribbons of red and orange plus a beautiful carnelian color! He mentioned that his Rock Club was having a cookout and hounding of his rock piles on Sat. He invited us to stay and we happily accepted! He probably has 500 tons of lapidary rock. Yes I said tons as in 2000 pounds per ton.


This is a awesome uprising of volcanic rock in the Benton Mtn. area called City of Rocks. It goes on for  well way out of sight!


It was callin for rain on Sat. so Tony, Mike and I pulled a Duck Dynasty and used the forklift long arm machine to put up tarps over the picnic tables!


Great burgers, hotdogs and tons of potluck dishes! Susan and I brought our famous Macaroni Salad!


This is some of Tonys gem stone rocks. These two piles are a dollar per pound. A bargain but he said the two had about 150 ton in them and I could have them all for 50 cents per pound….what a deal! Let’s not do the math on that! LOL


Susan and I were supposed to leave the next day but Mike and Tony were going to deliver two big lapidary saws to a customer in Salt Lake City so I tagged along. Susan suggested I should go along and Sadie and she would have ladies day! This is the “Salt” home of the Bonneville Salt Flats!

That’s about it folks, our next stop will be Wickenburg Az. and The Effus Ranch!

Stay warm and happy, Sussn, Sadie n Bill