Blow Baby Blow or Tiger by the TAIL!

Now let’s talk energy, as in electrical power for boondocking. There are basically three types, generator, solar, and  wind turbine.

Generator is out, they burn expensive no ethanol gas, get hard to start, smell bad when stored in a camper.

Solar is good, cloudy days, forest camping and snow are a problem but overall it’s the best! Especially out west where it is always a sunny day, desert anyway seems to me to be that way. The Caboose has 375 watts of power on the roof and 4 6 volt golf cart batterys wired to make two 12 volt super batteries. Through the use of a inverter that turns 12 volt to 120 volt house current we are set! We can microvave, blow dry hair, and watch lots of TV. So that’s great right?

Nope….enter me seeing a thing on the Internet about small homemade wind turbines!  Now that’s hillbilly can do and country boy will survive nervana!!!!   So off I go in search of a DC motor, apparently a 12 volt or larger battery operated motor when turned backwards generates electricty! Who would of known????  So I found a old 18 volt cordless drill in the barn that the battery went defunct years ago. No I am not a hoarder I just keep my good stuff! LOL

Next I needed the propeller or to me fan blade thingy. No problem I had noticed years ago that 20 inch box fans spin wonderfully in a wind when turned off. Yep you are right and I just happened to have one that quit working in the barn!

Dismantled my drill and fan and drilled a hole through the center of the fan and force jammed the motor shaft with small cogged wheel into the hole and it fit wonderfully tight. Hey its a wind turbine in looks anyway right?

Problem….no wind. So continuing my tinkering I got my voltage and amp tester out and attached it to the two wires coming out of the motor and you guessed it! When I spun it I got a small voltage reading. Whoee I need some wind. No joy…. no wind.

So off I go to mow the yard. All of a sudden the wind starts blowing!!    I race to the barn to get my turbine. I figure I can hold the motor with one hand and point the blades into the wind while holding the meter with the other hand. The Internet says it will take 8 mph or better wind to start the motor due to resistance but less wind to keep it going. I also read where the reason for the vane in the back is to keep the fan pointed into the wind so that a cross wind will not break the blades. I don’t have a vane but figure I can just point it into the wind.

So out I go into the barnyard and point my contraption into the wind and….nothing. Not enough wind to start my fan turning. I put the meter in my shirt pocket and reach out to spin it by hand to get it started. Worked wonderfully and it started maintaining a steady but lazy turning. Not very impressive my friends. I look at the meter and it’s like a half a volt, that ain’t gonna charge a 12 volt battery at all!!!

Have yall heard the Jerry Clower story joke about Marcel Ledbetter riding the Flying Jenny at the carnival?  LOL

All of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and that dang fan and motor turned into a whirling dirvish!!!  It was making a roaring whining sound and vibrating mightily in my hand!  So now what you gonna do cowboy???!!!   I ain’t about to try to grab it to stop it and if I turn it out of the wind it might disenegrate and that’s gonna be bad!  Plus the fan is only jammed on the motor, it’s liable to fly loose any time!  Thank goodness the wind moderated and I got back to inventing.

I glued the fan with super glue and took a screw band clamp and attached the motor to a scrap 2×4. Next while holding the fan to keep it from starting I went out to the riding arena and screwed the 2×4 to the top of a post. I figure if things get bad I can run into the barn and watch from a safe distance!  No need for a headline of….Cowboy Mangled to Death by Homemade Wind Turbine! LOL

I put the screw in the middle of the 2×4 so I could turn it into the wind but it was screwed real tight so it would maintain and not be blown off direction. Well here it is folks….


Wait there’s more…


Yep it works.


There she is 13.1 volts!!!

Gotta figure out how the amp readings work and what they mean but hey that would charge a battery#!!     Anybody know how to measure amps please sound off???

On another subject I promised a continuing post on how to make jewelry and we sawed a slab last time. We will get to the next step but life here at Trails End Farm is busy right now so bear with me please.

That’s it for now so yall have a grand day!!#

Bill n Sadie plus Mic