About Bill n Sadie Plus Mic


This is Mic the  new member of the crew!!! He was raised on the Effus Ranch in Wickenburg Az. He is basically a Hangin Tree Stockdog. He was given to me by Rosie Lloyd the owner of the Effus. 20150701_181000

He is snake trained, that means he will identify a snake and alert you to its presence. Look closely in the bottom left of the pic and you will see a 6 foot long Chicken Snake. Mic found it and backed off to bark and is frantically lookin for its mate or another one. He is in total snake radar mode now!!! The rattle snakes bite cows and horses in the nose as they graze and their nose swells and they die. So the cowboys train the dogs to spot the snakes. Mic loves to fetch, so much so that he is a problem.on the ranch so they gave him to me! He is a one man dog now and I love him!!! 0424110945acowboy leg0825101011a


Hello folks my name is Bill and my buddy is Sadie Mae Monster the Pug. We are leaving home on a extended trip in my pickup with a slide in self contained camper. We are heading west, no idea where exactly. We tried this last spring but had to turn back in Kingsville Texas due to health issues. Our departure date is projected as March 1st. 2014. I will try to get you up to speed with last years trip and also keep you up to date with preparations for this years. I will try to do this as a two part post untill you are up to speed. I am disabled, lost a leg in 2005, also other damage from a broken bone that became infected with a hospital grade antibiotic resistant staph infection. Afterwards I had a very high blood pressure problem and since I was on all the meds to control it and still having issues the doctor reccomended a pet to help. So thats where Sadie came into the story. A friend of mine Sarah raises Pugs and she came to visit one day and she knew I had wanted a Pug for a long time. Sarah brought me a three month old Pug puppy. She handed me the pup, Sadie, and let me hold her as we drove to a AKC dog show in Bucks Pa. After about 100 miles of travel Sarah asked if I wanted Sadie!!!! Yes I said and so I now had my blood pressure house dog! Then Sarah lowered the boom by telling me Sadie was a factory reject….. I asked what was wrong with her and was told she was born without a separate anus or vagina! Yikes I thought this is awful! Sarah quickly let me know its gonna be all right. Sadie for now does ok with one opening. The vet told Sarah that Sadie had to be fullgrown and at one year of age they could fashion by plastic surgery a fully functional system! Its all done now and my blood pressure and health are much better due to the healing influence of Sadie Mae Monster! I will try and get some pics posted soon, when I learn how….. Got the pics figured out! Yea!!! The one pic is Sadie at a cookout being Sadie, that is to say sociable! Also there is a pic of my artificial leg, the left one. I need a better pic but the prostheticist put a mountain scene of horses galloping across a stream on my leg. the other picture is of me riding up a trail in Mt. Rogers Va. on a Icelandic horse named Freida. sorry its so fuzzy. I just added a better one of me.


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